Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

No review here, just rambling that probably doesn't make much sense. Sorry.


This book mind fucked me, but not in the way it was meant to. Despite the excellent writing, there were things about the book that didn’t work for me, I’ll just mention them briefly here.

The far-fetched plot hinging on the master mind of a woman who would go to a casino (one of the most highly recorded places) while trying to fake her own death, the misandry spewed on every page, and the way the story seemed to just drag on and on with no resolution.

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Despite all of this, I enjoyed it. I connected with it. I could deeply relate to


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 Amy in her feelings about her marriage. It was just a strange coincidence that I would pick this book up during a time in my life that it resonated with me. It made me dislike

Real Amy

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 even more than I normally would have because she manipulated my emotions more than, I think, Gillian Flynn would even have expected. The crazy thing, though is that even though I felt duped, I still disliked Nick more than Amy throughout.

Did the twist surprise me? No. Not really. I felt like even though the book was written well, the plotting could have used some help.  However, because of the fact that Flynn was able to grab me and make me care about the plight of her character

(Diary Amy),

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feel emotionally invested and connected with this woman and completely pull the wool over my eyes about what was coming in that respect, I can say for sure that I was unpleasantly impressed. I’m still left wondering how much of

Diary Amy

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 was real, how can a woman write these occurrences with such depth of emotion and never have experienced them? I’m still wondering. I guess Amy really is a mastermind, just not in the way that Flynn (or Nick) thought. Sign me up for the preorder of the Amy book because writing is where her genius lies.