Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Spoilers Ahoy Mateys.The second book in Cynthia Hand's Unearthly series, Hallowed or Everyone Loves Clara, lost most of the things that I found charming in the first book. I didn't like how the author used a comparisson to another book to show how events in this book are so much different than those in the other book when they really weren't. Highlighting that we as readers should not take occurences in the book as similar irritates me. I'm smart enough to make my own conclusions without being told how to feel. The bottom line is, yes there are characters watching or waiting outside of windows in this book and there is a love triangle. Does it matter the reasons or the feelings behind Clara's pull for both guys? Is it any different than the Bella, Edward, Jacob thing? Not really. It is a love triangle, they are pretty much all the same. The thing that is NOT the same is Cynthia Hand's writing. She pretty much dominates Stephenie Meyer and I am not a Twilight hater, I am just stating the facts. The writing is so good that, had she not pointed out the similarities, I wouldn't have ever even thought about that other book while reading. It just felt like Cynthia Hand was saying, "Nanny Nanny boo boo. stick your head in doo doo. I am such a better writer than you are Stephenie Meyer. See how cute I am." Sorry, I know that seems harsh, but it just irked me.I didn't like the lack of Tucker in the story. Even when he was around, he wasn't the same as the Tucker from the first book. I understand that the author didn't want him to be the Edward type and be brooding and controlling of Clara's relationship with Christian, but I think I would have liked him to have more of a backbone before everything came to a head and fists were flying. I also, would have expected him to fight for her more in the end of the book. I felt bad for Jefferey the whole time reading. I completely understand why he would be angry all the time, living in the Clara show. Even before the revelations came out about his purpose and he split, I was hoping that he would become best buddies with Samjezza and go to the darkside of the force. I would have been routing for him if he had. Oh, for the love of visions. Got tired of everyone having these visions and knowing what is going to happen all the time. They should all get together, compile the visions and we would have all the pertinent points of the series instead of dragging it out through another 2 or 3 books.But, it's not all bad, I did like the new info we were given on the angel lore. I like that the angels and nephilim are like the X-men with all of the different powers they posess. I liked the book enough that I know I will pick up the next in series in hope that some of the magic from the first will be back. Overall , I give this one 2.5 stars.