Lengths - Steph Campbell, Liz Reinhardt Not sure if I can objectively review this because some of the subject matter felt really personal to me and thus, kind of pulled my heart into it when I might not have been so interested otherwise. I have read a few books that had a soldier or loss of a military member storyline and I can honestly say that normally I think they are really contrived, cheesy, or just a cheap attempt at garnering the readers emotions ( achoo, Nicholas Sparks. God, I am always picking on that guy but he really is a crap writer). This book is the first one that didn't feel fake. I know this because I have felt these emotions myself over friends who have been killed or wounded in war and the way it was portrayed in this story felt real to me. This is the third Steph Cambell book I have read and, by now, I can definitely say that any book by her is going to be readable and enjoyable, even if it won't end up being your favorite, it won't feel like time wasted. I never really fell in love with either Whit or Deo but the combination of writing skills, interesting storyline, and heart-wrenching emotion left me to feel very satisfied with this read. 3.5 stars.