Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry Series #1)

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles I really enjoyed this story about two people from much different backgrounds coming together and falling in love. My best friends daughter has Cerebral Palsy (I absolutely adore that little girl) and so it was nice to see a story with a character who also has it being treated honestly. I loved the way Brittany took care of her sister and that Shelly was given a real personality and was portrayed as smart enough to know what was going on with Brittany's struggles to be perfect. I felt like the character of Shelly was the only redeemable member of Brittany's family as both of her parents were pretty much stereotypically either one dimensional or absentee figures in her life. I appreciated the way the author handled the portrayal of the gang members in the story. There were several instances where the gang activity was discussed but it didn't go to into detail and I liked that because I feel like a lot of times, when an author tries to go to much into the gang itself, it often comes off as unrealistic and annoying (cough, cough, Sempre and Crow's Row). Also, I liked how she threw in the Spanish phrases, I felt that it gave the characters a more realistic and believable feel as I grew up with a Puerto Rican father and being around his side of the family, I have heard many of these same phrases myself on the daily ( especially Dios Mio, it's my grandma's favorite phrase).Overall, I liked the "chemistry" between Britanny and Alex and would definitely read more work from this author. Solid 3.5 stars.