Tiger's Voyage (The Tiger Saga, #3)

Tiger's Voyage - Colleen Houck

Tiger's Voyage is one of those books that I just wanted to toss across the room. I don't know if my reading tastes have changed in the last year since I read Tiger's Quest or if Colleen Houck's writing style changed but I just did not like it. First off, there are several things that made me say REALLY? really with seth and amy photo: Really Seth and Amy ReallySethandAmy.gif


-Before even delving into other issues, I must address the length of this book. Over 500 pages? Really Mrs. Houck, really? Was there an editor? I'm sorry but unless it is used to further the plot, I don't need to know every single garment each character wore, and which ones were constructed by the magic scarf and I don't need to know every single meal or snack each character consumed. This book could have easily been 2-300 pages if all the useless information was cut out.


-Kelsey can not, under any circumstances be manless! After being given the ol' heave ho by Ren for the last time because he couldn't "save her" she immediately jumps on the Kishan boat because there's no way she could just be by herself!


-Despite the fact that EVERYONE: the reader, Mr. Kadam, every weird prohetic character, every weird cookie cutter stereotype character, the bad guy, Kishan, Ren, and Kelsey herself know that she and Ren are "meant to be," she still won't have it and sticks it out with the other guy because she can't get hurt again by Ren and she couldn't be alone, no way, she'd rather string along the mindless and boring Kishan?-What is up with Nilima? She is starving herself for Kelsey's happiness? What? I don't get the point of this character unless she is there to be the back up plan for Kishan somewhere in the future


. -Why does every man fall in love with or lust after Kelsey? I don't see the allure? Which brings me to my next question. Has Kelsey always been this self absorbed, whiny, and annoying? I don't remember being so repelled by her in the past books, but I really grew to dislike her while reading this one.


I have to be honest, I didn't read the whole book, I tried, but after the white dragon says something about helping Christopher Columbus discover new lands which, I think, everyone now knows he didn't do, I rolled my eyes and threw in the towel. I couldn't stomach any more drivel. I feel sad because I thought I would be committed to this series for the long haul, but after this book, I can safely say I'm done.