Hurt - Tabitha Suzuma I didn't enjoy this book. I really wanted to, but it almost felt like the author was trying too hard and it just fell short for me. The writing was flowery and filled with purple prose and I couldn't help but skim for dialogue for the last 30% of the book. It seems like when someone tries to shove emotions down my throat, the more apathetic I become. I buddy read this with a couple of the girls in one of my groups and we all shared some of the same feelings about this book. So, if you want to read a really good, comprehensive review for this one, I'd recommend checking out one of their reviews. The more I write, the more I feel like I'm just mirroring their sentiments that were written much more eloquently than I'm able to at this time. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this read to anyone. I almost feel like the main issue of the novel (and it's an important one) was slightly bastardized by the over-indulged writing and extreme dramatization that occurred here.