Poughkeepsie - Debra Anastasia

Okay, I have to say this because this book really irritated me. The premise of this book was great. The writing wasn't bad and the characters were interesting. However, the fact that the book read like a first draft really made me mad. Under normal circumstances, I could over look the bad grammar, missing words, undiscipherable sentences because I understand self published books can be like this. I have read MANY self published that have had these problems and I could still get through the story and find entertainment from the reading. This book however, I could not. The book cost $6.99 on Amazon. The price led me to believe that the story would be more polished than other self pubs when in fact, it was one of the worst I have come across. I love authors that self publish, but they need to realize the value of their work. Authors such as Susan Ee and Tammy Blackwell are among the best that have self published books worth their weight in gold.Yet, both have books that are less than $3 and they were better than many I have spent $12-20 on. The key is that they polish their manuscripts before they put them out there for sale. I think that the author of Poughkeepsie, needed to find a few more eyes to look at her manuscript before she decided to publish it herself. It would have made all the difference if she had and I probably would have rated it better. As it is now, I feel like the book was unreadable and therefore I had to put it under the did not finish category after about 40% in. So sad because I really wanted to love it.