Not for me

The Reluctant Dom (Siren Publishing Menage and More) - Tymber Dalton

Okay, I need to stop reading this because it is making me feel mad and I need a break. Not sure if I will be able to pick it back up but I'm not completely sure if I will abandon it altogether.

<b>Review for the first 20% of the book.</b>

My thoughts after what I have read are pretty much WTF? <s>Drill Sergeant</s> Kaden has just found out that he is going to die and so he asks his best friend,Seth to take care of his wife,Leah after he is gone. He asks Seth to come move into their home so that he can be of comfort to Leah and help her to take care of Kaden in his final hours. Sad, but not outrageous right? This is the kind of story I can understand and be fine with, but no, nope, that is not all. Kaden and Leah are into the BDSM lifestyle and Kaden expects Seth to step into his life and become Leah's dominant because Leah has had a life of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and the only way she can survive is by funneling out her emotions through BDSM activities. So, <a

"Suck it up, maggot, you're gonna whip and fuck my wife and you'd better step up to the plate and get your head in the game now! Leah's very life depends upon how well you can work a whip! Drop down and give her 50 lashes!"

Okay, maybe that is not exactly how he is, but from what I've read, on the first day that Seth moved in with them, Kaden was already yelling at him to stop being a "bitch," and get serious about becoming the new Master of the house!And the kicker is that Seth is obviously not comfortable with this WHATSOEVER!

Okay, yeah, Seth admits to being sexually attracted to Leah and wishing that he had a wife like her (before he found out about her being Kaden's slave), however, that doesn't mean that he wants to be in charge of her psychotic cravings! How horrible of a person does Kaden have to be to ask this of his best friend, especially when he knows that Seth won't be able to say no and he won't be able to walk away from Leah ever, even after Kaden has kicked the bucket and the year of agreed marraige is over.  UGH!

The thing that REALLY bothers me (as if the above had not bothered me already) was that Kaden didn't think that Leah could get better by therapy or medications, when she had never even tried that. He found out he was dying and instead of thinking, geez, this BDSM stuff is not going to work for her anymore, I'd better find another way for her to channel her problems. No, he immediately thinks of good ol Seth. "I know, Seth will beat my wife!" And why doesn't Seth tell them both that they need help, oh yeah, because Kaden is DYING and he feels this incredible amount of guilt and responsibility to give his "best friend" his last wish.

I have absolutely no problem with BDSM and I knew that this book had this when I bought it. I do have a problem with forced BDSM that is disguised as being willing. Seth doesn't want to do this and I don't want to continue reading because of this. Man, I'm mad. It's been a long time since a book has made me feel this way.The more I write about this, the angrier I get and I think now that I probably won't go back to this one. Ugg. One star. I'd give it negative stars if I could.