Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver Okay, I have finished the book, but I must say that after reading the first run down of Sam's day, I almost didn't continue because I thought that Sam and her friends were terrible people with absolutely no redeeming qualities and I didn't care about what happened to her. I continued, however because I loved the other Lauren Oliver book I have read and so I hoped it would get better, and it did. After finishing the book, I can say that I still don't love the main character and I def don't like Lindsey, her best friend because she is just a horrible person, I don't care if the character is a teenager and it's expected that she will change or whatever, I don't think I have ever met anyone in my life (even in high school) who was just completely self centered and mean spirited like this and so, that being said, I just didn't like her. However, the way the book was written, the growth of the main character, Sam, and just trying to figure out how it was all going to end, made me glad that I finished it even though I cried like a baby at the ending, just wishing so much that it could have been different. I am left wondering what happens to Kent, his reaction to the ending of the book and what the out come was to the other characters, such as Juliet and the 3 hags that Sam calls friends. I would have given it 5 stars if this was addressed in the epilogue because I am probably not going to sleep tonight, just thinking about this. I guess, that is a sign of a good book though, the fact that I know it will stick with me for a while. Still will read whatever else Lauren Oliver writes.