Crow's Row - Julie Hockley Sigh, I really wanted to love this one, but sadly, it just left me the same way Sempre did, feeling blah about it. The premise was great, I mean being kidnapped by a gang(or the mob, or whatever it was that they were, still not sure) and falling for the big boss, wow I normally eat this stuff up. There were two reasons why I just couldn't vibe with this book the first being that Cameron, aforementioned "Boss", was about as intimidating as Meatball, the slobbery dog that followed Emily around. I never got the feeling that our heroine was in any imminent danger or that Cameron was some kind of tough mafioso that he is supposed to be. The second thing, and it was a big thing one of those book flaws that really bother me, Emily never really did anything. She didn't fight or try to get away from her captors, she didn't push buttons with Cameron to try and figure out their relationship, she never once stuck up for herself in a way that someone in this situation should have. I just really don't like it when the story revolves around a character who never does anything, there is no conflict, there is no connection with their plight that makes you root for them or care what happens. Two stars. I gave it an extra one because of the writing.