How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo This book is hard for me to rate. If I were to judge it based on writing alone, it would have a definite 5 stars. I loved the lyrical feel of it and I highlighted half the book because Tiffanie DeBartolo was pretty much spewing out philosophical knowledge on every page. "But sometimes talent isn't worth shit. There are tons of talentless people out there making zillions of dollars. And unfortunately, an equal number of brilliant artists whose names and voices you'll never hear."The above quote is exactly how I feel about books sometimes. I read A LOT and it sometimes blows my mind to see really bad writers (achoo..Nicholas Sparks) getting accolades that they don't deserve while many awesome books and writers are just left in the dark. Makes me sad for all of the myriad "soulless pop pagans" out there who will never have the chance to discover something amazing.Now, Paul. I looooved him, loved his personality, the recorded diary entries, his overuse of "goddamn," EVERYTHING. Eliza, not so much. I didn't hate her, I just got annoyed with her. What she did to him because she thought she knew what was best for him, it made me mad! The large part of the book that is just them being apart and miserable turned me off. I didn't like her leading on Loring, who was actually a really good guy and at times I was rooting for him to get the HEA because of the bull crap he had to go through just because he was so in love with her. THE ENDING. UGH, the ending is the reason why I couldn't give it the 5 stars. I don't want to put out any spoilers, but I will just say it was a bit out there. After everything that Paul and Eliza went through, I would have liked to see them talk it through instead of just getting the ending update as one of Paul's journal entries. It kind of made me feel like there was this huge build up and then barely any let down at all. Maybe I just like the drama that comes with the big reveal and confrontation scene of a reconcilliation, I don't know. Anyway, definitely 4 stars!Also, this is one of my favorite quotes from a book ever:"Note to self: Always remember how lucky you are to wake up next to someone who thinks you're the shit."