Last Will - Bryn Greenwood This review has some spoilery read at your own risk. I thought the writing style of the book was good although it had, kind of, a depressing tone to it. My favorite thing about the book was the dry humor. I'm not even sure if parts were supposed to be funny, but I found myself laughing through the first 60% or so. I liked the character of Bernie as he provided the most insightful view of not only what was going on in the story but I enjoyed his inner monologue and observations. When I was a kid, I loved reading those choose your own adventure books. I could spend hours reading and rereading each one, changing the story as I went along. I soooo wish this book was a choose your own adventure too. There was so much potential for this book to be really great but I felt as if none of the interesting areas of the story were fully explored. I had questions about why Bernies uncle left him everything, besides the fact that he was the youngest of the relatives left. I wished that there would be something inciteful about him leaving the money because he felt remorse for not paying the kidnappers ransom when Bernie was a kid. I kept waiting for some secret letter or something for Bernie to find and he never did. I wanted Bernie to have some kind of breakthrough with his anxiety, perhaps while watching Annadore overnight she would have a nightmare and end up having to sleep with him or something where he would be forced to soothe her fear thus forcing him to gain a new perspective on his own fears. I wanted Meda to have a breakdown and realize that she needed or loved Bernie in a more passionate way and I was hoping that that would happen when he went away, for the two weeks. She kept saying that she wouldn't have the romance novel feeling or whatever when it came to him, but I wanted it, needed it badly from her.Overall, I wanted the characters to grow and change. I ended up feeling like there wasn't any point to the story because both Meda and Bernie were exactly the same as when we first met them but only now they were together. Now on to the a rant about the aliens. Yes, I am obsessed with those damn aliens! I know that the author was using the aliens to show a mental illness in Meda's mother and grandmother. However, by stating things like Meda's mother was found 10 miles away from home with no shoes on and other instances of weirdness that didn't make sense, I wanted to know the practical reason for why such things occurred. I got to where I was thinking this was going to be some mystery that would, in the end, be revealed and I was dissapointed that it wasn't. It disracted me from other aspects of the story. I originally gave this 3.5 stars but after taking the time to reflect on my feelings for it, I've downgraded it half a star to 3. I gave it a 3 because I did genuinely enjoy the first 60% of the book, just wish I could have choosen another way for it to end.