Fate Succumbs (Timber Wolves Trilogy, #3) - Tammy Blackwell Huge bitchy rant coming. Read at your own risk.This is me after I got to about 30% in to this book late last night:You see, at about this time in the story, some major bombs were dropped and they didn't even have anything to do with this book. Nope, nu uh, I'm not mad about events of this story or the writing or even anything having to do with the characters that I have so loved in the previous books. I am boiling mad because this book put out huge spoilers for the Harry Potter series. This may seem like a petty thing to be irritated about, but the more I thought about it, the madder I got, so much so, that I had a hard time even sleeping last night and I almost gave up on continuing to read this book at all. You see, the Timberwolves books are YA paranormal fiction books and Harry Potter can be considered childrens/ YA paranormal and fantasy books as well. They attract the same type of reader for a fan base, so why oh why, would Tammy Blackwell do this? There are certain things in pop culture and in literature that everyone just knows or can assume. You can assume that Harry Potter is going to come out on top over Voldemort (I don't know this for fact, as I am still reading the series), everyone knows that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father, it is generally known and not a surprise to new readers that Edward is a Vampire and Jacob is a werewolf, and it is probably assumed that Katniss Everdeen is going to win the Hunger Games. None of these would be a spoiler to me and I don't think they would be considered to be to many other people. The spoilers revealed about the Harry Potter series were major things that no one would have known or guessed just by seeing a movie commercial or even reading a review on Goodreads, if they were spoiler-tagged properly. As someone who is currently reading these books for the first time, I felt that the spoilers given here were enough to ruin my feelings toward the books, not that I won't continue reading, but I feel cheated in not having discovered these secrets myself. I am still boiling mad about this and so, I don't even know if I can give an honest, unbiased review for this book due to this. I would have given this book a 3.5 but I have dropped my rating to 2.5 because of the spoiler. All this being said, I have been a HUGE Tammy Blackwell fan, raving about her writing and feeling like this series wasn't getting the attention and devoted following which I truely believed it deserves. You can check out my review for Poughkeepsie, where I said that Tammy's books are worth much more than she has been charging for them and I still stick by that fact. I will still read the next book she puts out, I just hope that she is a bit more careful when alluding to other works in the future.