The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Adrian is the only thing that saved this book for me. I was just kind of ehh about the rest of it. This is the first Mead book that I have ever skimmed, it was just so slow-moving. Everything just seemed so obvious, I was never surprised or excited during reading until those last few pages when Adrian finally made a move. Certain things don't make sense now, like why is the gang staying put in Palm Springs after the hunters know where they go to school and were trying to take Sydney at the end? Couldn't they just get her now? They also know where Adrain lives so why wouldn't the guardians be worried about some kind of retaliation and move everyone for their saftey? That being said, I will definitely read the next book even though I can feel love triangle hell coming on with this Finch guy. 3 stars, would have been 3.5 but Sydney talking about thermodynamics at one point in the story knocked off the other half star, Boooooring!