The Light in the Wound - Christine Brae The Light in the Wound is a gorgeous coming of age story that begs the question of which is stronger, first love or unconditional love? This author had me in the palm of her hand from the prologue and I was desperate to find out what was going to happen next. Isabel, the MC, has a tough life. Even though she is surrounded in wealth, she doesn't have everything. Having to live under the pressure of being compared to her socialite, husband jumping mother has pushed her into this box of trying to be perfect. She craves love from her mom, approval from her grandparents, and happiness for her sisters and she becomes the lynchpin holding everything together in her struggle to gain all three. Jesse, a kid who grew up far removed from the opulence of Isabel's life, wants nothing more than to posses her and prove himself worthy of being by her side. They fall fast in love, but can their love survive Jesse's ambition?The Light in the Wound is a beautifully written, thought provoking book. I'd recommend it for anyone who likes gut wrenching love stories that feel real, as if the author has lived this life and is pouring her own heart out with every word.