Her Mad Hatter

Her Mad Hatter  - Marie Hall

I've been in the mood for Alice in Wonderland themed stories lately, so when I stumbled upon this one on Amazon, with a free price tag, I snatched it up and am happy that I did. This was probably one of the better written free books I have downloaded. I enjoyed the author's writing style and how she was able to create imagery without over-doing it with descriptiveness. After having read a couple of super flowery books prior to this one, I really wasn't in the mood for another one.


This is a stand alone novel in a series of paranormal romance books where each book will be about a different couple. The premise was a good one, Danika is a fairy godmother who has lucked out and, instead of helping out prince charmings or Cinderella types, she is given godmother-ship over the bad boys of the fairy tale world.


A prophecy has been given that unless each of the five men under her care aren't linked with a soul mate by the end of the year, horrible things will happen in their world, and so, Danika has made it her mission to help them out, starting with Hatter (of AIW fame). The problem is that she has already been bringing him women (all named Alice) who she thinks is his perfect mate for years and years. Now that she's finally figured out the right Alice for him, he's been through too many and isn't open to giving another one a chance.


Alice Hu is a bakery owner in Honolulu, Hawaii. I loved this aspect of the story. Living in HI myself, I enjoyed hearing the Hawaiian culture come through in the author's voice, from the aunties, to family dynamics, and descriptions of Hawaii, it all made me smile. Alice is a cool heroine who isn't afraid to be who she is, a nerdy bookish girl who loves Alice in Wonderland and isn't afraid to show it. She was fiercly loyal and devoted to friends and family and eventually the Hatter too and a heroine that didn't get on my nerves at all.


Their story was really cute, with moments of sadness and frustration, but ultimately the great HEA that I always look forward to in my PNR. There were a few little things that kept me from rating higher such as not very interesting sexy time, but I still found it an enjoyable read and IT'S FREE! Go grab it while you can, this one is a good lazy day read.