Stolen - Lucy Christopher Spoilers ahead if you haven't read it yet. Okay, what can I say about this book? The writing is beautiful, I felt as if I could completely picture the desert landscape where Ty took Gemma. This book made me very uncomfortable. I don't know why if a supernatural creature steals away a girl because of some unresistable attraction, I can jive with that but if it is a regular man doing the same thing, it is just creepy. Maybe it's because with the supernatural stories, I already know it isn't realistic, it's just fantasy but with these type of stories, it is way to close to real life. I didn't know if I was expected to start developing emtions for Ty on Gemma's behalf and hope things would work out for them in some weird way but I could never feel that way. When Gemma finally let him hold her out under the stars, it made me feel dirty for having read that scene. Seriously, I just wanted to yell at her because this guy was not a good guy, he was 20 something year old kidnapper and she was a 15 year old girl. Ugg. The subject matter I did not like, but this book will stay with my for a while. I hope Lucy Christopher writes a sequel because I want to know what happens to these characters, I will be wondering for a while. I think that is the sign of a good book. Although I didn't particularly like the story, I like the fact that it will linger with me for a while. Definitely a solid 4 stars.