Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1)

Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1) - A.L. Jackson,  Amy Lichtenhan Good book, really felt the emotions on this one, even shed a couple of tears. The only thing I didn't like and the reason I only gave it 3 stars is because of lack of groveling on the H's part. I understand he felt terrible for what he did but I just feel like he put a lot of effort into making things right with his daughter but not enough with her mother who he completely abandoned. It irritated me that he would even think about trying to take the daughter away from the mom and he made a big deal out of her keeping the daughter and herself away from him for a week, I mean, come on A WEEK? He left them with no help and no contact for 5 years, one week is nothing compared to that. Didn't like that Elizabeth had to apologize to him and beg him to forgive her after the week too. I guess the first 80% of he book I would give 4 stars but the last 20% would be a 3.