Binds: 1 (Binds Series)

Binds - Rebecca  Espinoza I don’t think it is possible for an author to objectively review their own book, so that isn’t what this is. Instead I’d like to express my gratitude. If you read my book and absolutely love it, thank you. If you read my book and think it’s just alright, thank you. If you read my book and feel that it is the worst piece of you know what ever written…thank you. I’ve spent a lot of time getting this ready for publication. Hours and hours of my time, but if you give me yours and read it. I want to thank you. I’ve hit the publication button and it will be out there for purchase in the next 24 hours. If you buy it, it’s no longer my book, it now belongs to you. So read it, review it, say whatever you want about it, but thank you.