Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy, #1)

Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy, #1) - Nicole  Williams I have always been a reader. Always. Nowadays, I can honestly say that I am a book addict but in the past (I'll call it BT (before Twilight), as opposed to BC)I used to read about a book a month, mostly chick lit and bestsellers, pretty much anything I could pick up at the local Walmart or Target. Now, I download and try to read as much as I can. Okay, where I am going with this is that then, I read Twilight and everything changed. That book series not only turned me into a book addict, but it also opened my eyes to different genres than I used to read and authors I had never heard of before. All this being said, now that I have read hundreds of other books, I see Twilight for what it is, like a Twinkie or Hostess cupcake,they are good, but not the best dessert food out there but sometimes you really just crave fluff like that right? So, although I don't think Twilight is the best book out there, I can ignore the cringe-worthy elements because I love it for what it is. However, now that I have read so many other books and have fallen in love with quality writing and storyline, I can't go back to Twilightesque mediocrity that is out there. That is where this book lies. I couldn't finish it, got about 40% in an had to throw in the towel.