Insanity (Asylum, #1)

Insanity (Asylum, #1) - Lauren Hammond 3.5 stars. This book should come with a disclaimer to not start it before bed because once you start, you aren't going to want to put it down until you unlock it's secrets!What I liked:-I enjoyed the way Lauren Hammond gave you bread crumbs to follow throughout the story, even though, at some points, it was a bit exasperating and I just wanted to know what was going on! (I really shouldn't do mysteries, my mind can't let anything go and I pick up the most useless bits of information and think they are clues when they are really not!)-The "After" chapters. I really like good asylum stories or just anything having to do with people considered to be "crazy". My love for these started in 10th grade when we had to read One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and continued on with books like Second Glance by Jodi Picoult. It is so interesting to me to read about the way mental illness has been handled throughout history and I enjoyed the bits about the girls' fear of lobotomy and electric shock therapy. There are so many people who have no clue about the horrible way mentally ill patients (and also just people, mostly women, who society didn't see as conformers)have been treated in our past. The cruelty shown to these people by medical professionals astounds me, don't even get me started on forced steralizations of Native Americans, "loose" women, and other undisirables of our nations history. It makes me ashamed and this book brought these issues back into my mind.-The interaction between Dr. Watson and Adelaide. I figured out when the other doctor smashed Addy's fingers that Dr. Watson loved her, but the fact that they were married was a surprise! I kept wondering if Dr. Watson was Damien's brother who was mentioned briefly in the story. Damien's mother says that he(Damien) was going to take over the family business and I kept wondering why the older brother wasn't, my clue seeking mind thought, well, he's got to be the doctor! That's why he wasn't taking over the business. ***Have I mentioned that I am no good with mysteries? Seriously folks, I find clues in EVERYTHING!! What didn't work for me:-Adelaide and Damien's relationship. This is a prime example where I just wished that the author had adhered to the show, don't tell rule. I got so tired of hearing "I love you," "No, no, no, I love you," "Well, not as much as I love you!" Ugh, okay so they didn't actually say this but it felt like it! Also, if I heard Addy refer to Damien's "blue, blue eyes" one more time, I think I would have barfed. I got to the point that I was happy when I figured that Damien was either a figment of her imagination or a ghost. I figured out that he was dead when she is in solitary and he leaves behind drops of blood when he comes to see her. I was told that they were in love, but I never got a feeling of why or how their relationship developed to that point. It was another case of plain Jane girl in a horrible situation who somehow captures the interest of the dashing guy that everyone wants and she just knows that she isn't "good enough" for him. -The sexual encounters. I don't mind sex in books, infact, sometimes I just crave smut, but I felt it was wayyyyy overdone here and not done well. I'm sorry, but I don't think I've ever moaned from a man just touching me. She moaned an awful lot in this story and at one point, I think she says something about him making her "smoulder." Ugh, I hate terms like that! They just make the intimate scenes feel cheesy. So, overall, did I like it? Yes, very much so! I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series soon because I am dying to read about Addy and Dr. Watson's relationship and find out what made her come back to the asylum after her escape.