Blood Bound (Unbound) (An Unbound Novel)

Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent ****Writing this review after a couple drinks. If it makes no sense, I apologize and will correct it later!! :0)****The world Rachel Vincent created for this book series could have been really cool. I liked the idea behind it and loved the concept of people with skills that gave them unique talents that I have never seen in any other book I have read. Olivia, the protagonist has the ability to track people by feeling something that has their blood on it or using someones name, although she is better with the blood than the name tracking. Cam, her ex-boyfriend is also a tracker and he specializes in name tracking instead of the blood variety. The two of them are brought back together when Anne, Olivia's old friend from high school comes to ask her if she will help to track down the murderer of her husband and kill him. Strange thing to request of a friend? Yes, especially if the friend is no longer close to you however, Olivia has been bound to an oath that she, Anne, and two other of their childhood friends had agreed to and signed in blood when they were children that they would always do whatever one of them other asks of them to do. Another one of the talents(sorry, some of this reminded me of The Talent Chronicals so I think of them as talents) is the ability to bind people into contracts that cause them physical pain should they not carry out their promises. So, yeah, it sounds really cool, right? Well, I thought so too until I got to a certain point and everything seemed to blend together in one big cluster and I kept getting caught up wondering why this binding worked one way but not another and new talents were just made up right at the convienient time that they would help with the story and it just got too irritating for me. One major thing that I can't stand is when a character has the ability to see the future and every weird occurence or things that you would normally question as WTF? is explained away because the one charcter "saw it in the future" and had the forsight to put the whole story into motion When this happened, I was kind of over it just started skimming the rest of the book. So, overall, I liked the writing and would read another book from this author, but I didn't care for this one. 2.5 stars.