Want - Stephanie Lawton I thought this was a good book. I was drawn in and had to put down another story I was reading to finish this one because something about it kept me enthralled. Been reading a lot of books lately with really heavy issues in them and the characters in this book had a whole plethora of them as well. Seiously, this book's got it all: abuse, heavy psych problems, self mutilation, and some might (that is a small might because I didn't feel this way)pedophillia. To top it all off there is a love triangle to boot. Julianne (17) is an aspiring concert pianist who dreams of getting into a prestigious music school in Boston. When her grandfatherly piano instructor has a stroke, she ends up being taught by his nephew, the grouchy but brilliant Issac(27 at beggining of book). The two of them have a volatile relationship as he helps her to get ready for her audition into the school. There are sparks between them as they try to work together and Julianne tries to figure out the mysteries in Issac's past and why he is closed off to her and everyone. Enter Dave(I don't think his age is given but it is assumed he is around the same age as Issac) who is Issac's close friend from school. Dave ends up befriending Julianne and also falling for her although their relationship tends to be more best friend/ brotherly because Julianne is hung up on Issac. With all of this going on, add the drama of a abusive mother, a gossiping town crier type character who tries to make Issac out to be pedophile, and Julianne's father who doesn't seem to care much for her and it becomes a very entertaining soapy read. I really enjoyed it and especially liked Dave. Just left wondering if there will be a sequel, there should be because there are many loose threads left here that I badly need tied up. 3.5 Stars BTW loved this:"I've been thinking about every time you batted your eyelashes at me, and the time you kissed me in your room. About you licking your lips and crossing your legs every time we meet here. You showing up in the middle of the night wearing next to nothing. Mostly, I've been thinking about that ballsy move you made after your recording and how close I came to throwing your pretty ass on the floor."