A Love By Any Measure

A Love by Any Measure - Killian McRae A Love by Any Measure surprised me in many ways. First of all, it caught me off guard by having more depth of emotion than I expected as I read the first chapter and immediately wrote it off as a light historical romance and nothing more. No way, the drama just slowly crept up on me as I read and every couple of chapters when another development would occur or another secret came to light I found myself being drawn more and more into the story, so much so, that I ended up reading this one til 3 in the morning last night to finish it out. The chemistry between August and Maeve was almost a tangible thing and I was constantly feeling giddy as I read. For some reason, the way their dialogue was written (especially August's) I couldn't stop thinking of Pride and Predjudice. Really, the whole way through, I pictured August as Matthew MacFayden, Mr. Darcy from the Keira Knightly version. Oh, I love him so..... Seriously folks, the imtimate scenes between August and Maeve were some of the best I have read, I actually got some butterflies in my stomach as I was reading (love that). I love when those kind of situations are used by the author to show the characters depth of feelings and not just to throw sex in your face. Althought I really liked this book and would easily recommend it to a friend, I couldn't give it five stars because of the ending. I would say it is a five star read up until about 70% in and then the book just goes and jumps the shark. I couldn't stop rolling my eyes as the events of the last 30% unfolded both for episodes of cheesiness and unplausibility. I still say read it though because it had a satisfying ending, you just have to roll with it and take it for what it is, which is well written but sometimes far-fetched fiction and I loved it. 4 stars.