Slumber: The Fade: Book One

Slumber - Samantha Young Pressed for time review. I really enjoyed reading Slumber. I liked how the romantic aspect of the story was done. Wolfe, the H, is probably one of my new favorites for this genre. If you enjoyed Graceling or Poison Study, you would probably like this one too. There were only two things that bugged me while reading and they weren't so bad as to finish and be unhappy that I had read it. First off, it was a bit long. There were some things that I felt could have been left out as they had no impact on the outcome of the story. I get that this is the start of a series and some of the seemingly useless info is probably going to be needed for future installments, but I will admit to skimming a little bit here and there. The other thing that was a little annoying was Rogan's continuous denial of the romance going any further when it is obvious to the reader that it going to happen. I get that it was needed for more tension as the quest continued, but at one point I was just like, give it a rest with the protestations already, it's a done thing girlie. Other than those few minor things, this is a really good read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romance or adventure fantasy. The writing is great too.