Just One Day

Just One Day - Gayle Forman I can't wait to read this!! I don't know if it's worth forking over the $10.99 (ouch!) for it. Quick, someone else read it and let me know! hehe.2/10/13It took me forever to read this book. I started it a couple of days after it came out and, at first, it was really good. I got pulled in by Gayle Foreman's beautiful way with words and was feeling really excited about the story and then...all of a sudden, it just fell flat. A good portion of the book is just the MC being depressed and angsty about her encounter with Willem, which takes place over the course of one day (who woulda thunk, right?). I got tired of her moping and just wanted to tell her to get over it. What happened was unfortunate and I probably would have felt embarrassed and been depressed too, but not to this extent. It's like her entire world was brought down by this guy and, even though their day was cute, I didn't feel the love connection between them that would warrant such grief over the loss. For a trad-pub, this book had an awful lot of errors in it. I'm no grammar wiz, so if I noticed, it's strange that an editor wouldn't pick up on it. It's funny to me how I always see people criticize self-pubs for this when it happens here too. I've been seeing a debate here amongst some of my friends about cliff hangers. I'm of the mind that if the book is interesting enough to keep interest and the events of the story full-fill their obligation to the reader by lending some kind of closure to some of the story arcs, leaving some of the problems unresolved at the end is acceptable. This book could be the poster child for the cliff-hanger opposition. It just ends...after all of this pining, the travels, research for this person, wishy washy internal dialogue from a very unreliable narrator...it ends with 'hey folks, buy the next book to get the end of the story.' It made me feel a bit bamboozled. Throughout, Gayle Forman was successful in working the magic I've come accustomed to while reading one of her books. I will admit to shedding a few tears while reading this one because her words have a way about making me relate them to episodes of my own life where I felt the same way as the MC, she was successful in making me feel this way with her other books also. Overall, she really is a great writer; I just felt that this particular story wasn't for me. I will undoubtedly be picking up Just One Year. I need that ending and even though I'm rating this one 2 stars, GF's words will continue to be worth the price paid for them.