Needed more character and plot development

Butterfly Weeds - Laura     Miller

Oh lord, I think I might have developed a couple of cavities after finishing this one, it was just soo sweet and, at times, sappy. So, did I enjoy it? Yes and no. First off, I will start with the positive:

1.) The idea behind the book. Boy falls in love with girl, they are high school sweethearts, she yearns to leave their small hometown and he wants to stay, boy and girl drift apart, a decade passes, boy and girl still think about each other, yadda yadda yadda. We all know where this is going. I think the story line was a good one and could have been outstanding, except for a few things that I will address momentarily.

2.) Will becomes a country singer in order to win back Julia. Okay, how plausible is it to just become a famous country singer just to get the girl? Not very, however, I thought it was a sweet idea and I thought that the lyrics that Will had written on several occasions throughout the book were very convincing and good for someone in the country music genre. That part of the story didnt feel forced for me at all.

3.) The idea that Will accepted Julia's need to "fly" and allowed her to go out in the world without him throwing g a big hissy fit. There are so many stories with hulking alpha male characters nowadays, it was refreshing to read about a sweet guy who loved her enough to know that he had to let her go.

The things that didn't work for me:
1.) The story was filled with telling and never showing. It was bad, however, I normally would have marked something like this as a DNF and moved on, but for some reason, I felt compelled to continue. The idea for the story was great, it could have been an awesome read but there were so many instances (the reason behind the couple's first breakup for one or the growing love between them in the beginning of the book) where we were flat out told how things were. The writer needed to put in those extra bits of details and explanations to make the story more credible. As it is, it is just a sweet story but, honestly, it has the feel of a highschool English project to it or something. It just needs more of everything.

2,) The characters were very one dimensional. Will is a sweet guy but was there more to him? No. There was potential here to explore his personality in regards to not wanting to leave Missouri or why he chose Julia to begin with. We as readers are never given enough details on any of the characters to truly get a good feeling for any of them.

All this being said, I rate it between a 2 and 3, which is still a pretty good rating for me just because I can see the potential behind it. I hope the author does a bit more expounding on her ideas for her next novel and give us something to sink our teeth into with the storyline and I will def give her next one another chance.