Good hate to love story

The Nature of Cruelty - L.H. Cosway

This book reminded me of a historical romance. It just had one of those plot lines that could be used as one (actually, I think I have read that HR.) Anyway, the good thing about HR is that I find myself being really forgiving when it comes to them because I'm not reading them to be moved or expecting the best, I'm just reading for the pure take your mind away from your day enjoyment that they can bring.
That's how I felt about this book. Don't get me wrong, the writing was great. I love it when a book is written well enough that I can slip inside the story like I'm a silent observer of the characters an that's how this made me feel. Does it have some faults? I felt like there were a little. Lack of viable tension between the H and h in the last 30% of the book was one.  (view spoiler)[ the h breaks up with the H for reasons that I thought were ridiculous and it felt like it only happened to drag the story out because it was obvious that they were going to get back together.  (hide spoiler)]
Having said that, do I think you should read this? Hell yes. Read it when you want something easy and guaranteed to bring those stomach flutters. It's worth it for the things that Robert says alone. It's a very well written hate to love story and everyone should check it out.